In 2017 I joined a small startup building a robust indoor location system from the ground up, using their proprietary hardware and software.

Hired as a UX and UI designer, I became so much more over the years. When my role evolved into a Product Designer, I became responsible for developing new and expanding old features based on feedback from our customers and suggestions from our team. Additionally, my daily responsibilities were maintaining and grooming the backlog and sprint tasks.

Over the years, I worked on all of the system’s software parts, consisting of interconnected micro- and full-fledged web services.

In the middle of 2019, I started a development roadmap for the whole system. I worked on modifying and expanding that roadmap until the end of 2020, including new parts of the entire setup, new applications, and new ways to utilize the data gathered.

Here you see the effects of my three years of work on various parts of this system.