A little about myself then…

Born and raised in Poland I am a 42 yo product of a specific space and time – a breakdown and fall of communism, and birth and growing pains of a democracy.
I worked in a creative field for over 20 years now, starting as a video camera operator assistant in my uncle’s TV production company straight after finishing high school (I run that company for a short while after my uncle quit, having enough to do with TV). That gave me an unequaled opportunity to do things people my age had no chance of doing or experiencing. I started in TV production on all fields and fronts, behind the camera and editing table, then moved to digital editing to web design and web production to settling down on art direction and design. I’ve worked with all mediums and all formats, doing all kinds of things – TV, print, digital, product photography, grilling meat for a product photo shoot (yup, done that, too).

After years of working in advertising I decided to quit this somehow empty business. I left my art director position and started working as a UI and UX designer, trying new things and learning new skills. I’ve been already doing that for years, not really knowing that it was called just that.

Everything I know about design I’ve learned the hard way – all by myself, asking others on the interwebs a million questions and looking behind the curtains all the time. I’m the old school guy coming from the time you had to know everything to do anything – if need be I do shit from start to finish: might not be elegant, but it’ll work; might be a little bit skewed, but it’ll hold.

Right now I’m looking for sunny days all year round to ride my motorcycle and play with my daughter, spend some leisure time with her mother and to work on some interesting new things, always looking for a challenge.
My constant thirst for knowledge got me this far in life and leaves me wanting more – I design, write, compose, take photographs, ride motorcycles, bake cakes, read, watch and listen – everything can be used to expand my horizons and every little experience does just that. And I am always on the lookout for opportunities that can make my life and my work more interesting and engaging.

Like my friend used to say – it’s so hard being perfect, but I will manage somehow…

Clients I’ve worked for through the years include:
Alpro Soya, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Danfoss, Danone, Garnier, Ferrero, Iwostin, La Roche-Posay, Lexus, L’Oréal, Maybelline New York, Mastercard, Men Expert, Nescafé, Nestlé, Nivea, Opel, Orange, Plus GSM, Polish Airlines LOT, Raiffeisen, Samsung, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Volkswagen Bank, Volvo, Wedel, XL Energy, Żywiec Zdrój.