In 2017 I joined Indoorway, a small startup building a robust indoor location system using its proprietary hardware and software. Hired as a UX and UI designer, I worked on all of the system’s software parts, consisting of a suite of interconnected micro- and full-fledged web services.

Initially, I rebuild Indoorway’s Map Editor — a core application needed for the rest of the system to understand the spatial correlations between Indoorway’s locators and receivers hardware. Together with the front-end team, we have created a pretty sophisticated drawing tool used internally by our implementation and installation team and Indoorway’s clients. The Map Editor uses an approach similar to many modern drawing applications out on the market, using floating toolbars, editable layers, and drawing behavior.

Indoorway’s Dashboard — the main contact area for most clients — needed a specific client-facing set of functionalities. Together with the development team, we worked on fixing positioning glitches, generating heatmaps, movement tracing, historical data playback at various speeds, and many more. The clients used an administrative part to maintain and assign their assets to locators, set rules, etc.

And then there was the internal behemoth, a big box of tools — Indoorway Toolbox: the tool of all tools, the backbone of everything Indoorway. Data analysis; hardware setup, maintenance, and configuration; live statistics of every little thing connected to Indoorway’s system — everything you need to keep the show on the road and data flowing where it’s needed.

Over the years, my role in Indoorway evolved into a Product Designer. I was responsible for developing new and expanding old features based on feedback from our customers and suggestions from our team. Additionally, my daily responsibilities were maintaining and grooming the backlog and sprint tasks. I developed a roadmap for the whole system; modified and expanded that roadmap until the end of 2020, including new parts of the entire setup, new applications, and new ways to utilize the data gathered.

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