Hello, my name is Bartek Jagniątkowski

I’m the best dad in the whole world (so I’m told), I try to solve problems, and I help build products (mostly digital).

Sometimes I write on various topics as well.
And I paint from time to time.

First things first

I used to work in advertising, where it would seem common sense is not that common and most of the time you get a feeling that sense is the last thing anyone is willing to consider. With each passing year, I got more and more frustrated with the insignificance of my efforts, not fully comprehending what I was supposed to do. Finally, I got tired of the apparent emptiness of that business and left, hoping never to go back.

Since then I’m focused on building digital products, learning how to connect business and client’s needs using mostly logic and visuals, while teaching myself — and others — new skills and ways of thinking about everything.

What I actually do?

I work (mostly) with digital stuff.
I design applications, brands, I manage teams, backlogs, and roadmaps.
I audit applications and web sites.
I’m a mentor and lecturer.

I work with design systems, applications, in lean and agile processes, kanbans, you name it. I tend to focus on what is known as user/client experience (UX/CX) and interfaces (UI) for the web and mobile, but I don’t really like the term „Product Designer” — I am a problem solver.
I can also help with strategy for brands and digital products.

With over 25 years of experience, working with many companies and across various mediums — video, print, and interactive — I finally became an evangelist of common sense. During all those years it became apparent to me that most of the problems with projects stem from communication being the missing ingredient in many cases. And this became the problem I try to focus on, not only in professional work, but also in my private life.

Here are some of the things I had a pleasure of working on.

If you would like to talk about my work or hire me for a project you need help with, please do contact me, I’m always ready to listen and help.

Need help solving a problem?

I believe I can help you with your product or service, so feel free to reach out and let’s have a talk.